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Lonely in my eyes is a Kiyofuku

laorenyuan | 2012-10-17 08:30:25  
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Humane lonely feeling like I can not reproduce the emotional text messages, can not see the face of the phone, feel somewhat empty and alone worry about chores was difficult was confided. Comes to loneliness, some people shunned, and some people are never bored as I am. Mr. Liang Shiqiu once wrote in an article: "Lonely is a Kiyofuku." This loneliness is not easy, relating to the environment, more and mood.audio cables

Indeed, I enjoy the lonely people. Loneliness in my eyes is is a Kiyofuku. The traditional concept of the Chinese people, often with destiny, a ripe old age enjoy Kiyofuku the age and far apart, and I'm so young twenties. Think about itfemale hairloss, was full of frustration, but a sudden and devastating sadness. The world can easily be defined as various formulas the old age Kiyofuku young and strong do the hard work to change the his later years have nothing to do only enjoy the benefits of a few decades ago, not because they have nothing to do, but because of loneliness. This is a lonely thing, twenties broke into my world, and I really do not know that this is not the twilight years ahead of consumption. Regardless of whether, at least for now enjoyed.

Dormitory door to the old sweet-scented osmanthus tree is always the temptation to restless forward to the autumn wind, as if eight miles of township does not know of the taste from it after plus hazy drizzle, old osmanthus trees even more demon action. After a night rain, the stairs become wet, lonely people are always like the number of stairs down, even if left to the young people of a cross in front of four or five steps easily passed through the Republican-style homes, then proceeded to bypass this does not contrast the modern six-story building, leaving the black bag with lazy eyes, hollow heart and ran toward the librarythe hair treatmen. Basically can be summed up this monotonous hundred words for my college day, can also be seen as the University for four years. Nanjing university has four years before the project, in addition to a few had to go to the place, very few are willing to go out and play. On the one hand, tedious things, nothing, until the time was busy working when the mood just coming to an end sleep. Second, go on a trip really is an arduous task, "the car to sleep off camera" is often, and sunny on to see people, rainy day is to see the sea. Due to the artificial "layout" allows scenic look as is very different, even facing the joyful mood to play, but after exertion and congestion leads people to unknowingly become lively loneliness. Indeed, I am enjoying a monotonous life, at least now I can call the shots for their youth, my habitat, enjoy a moment of loneliness is the thing I enjoy the most materialistic still a demure land.

I was extremely afraid of the lively, still like a lazy left alone, and a stroll on the playground, parasol tree sat quiet, leisurely lying on the lawn, really happy. Of course, I am not a gregarious person, on the contrary, such a like lonely people popularity is surprisingly good, and can be seen from the comprehensive evaluation of the first three in the assessment year for me, ten years initially worried about the brothers The forward also to prove I am not a so-called eccentric. I often think Road Weirenchushi must have, As said Wanghan to do a "half-hearted". Leaders worry that let parents assured lover happy, for a woman to be in good faith, can free the man. Therefore, not me deliberately to solitude independence while bind tightly, so that others can not get near. But until the time of bloom again when I am enjoying the solitude brought loneliness.

In my world, is destined to have a place to be left to live quietly. Have always wanted to grow old, youth is no longer the time, maybe a quiet way is the fate of the year's most priceless wealth. This is what I have been one of the reasons of the city out of tune, every time there is plenty of time like back home. Like a man sat at the gates of the old jujube, hang around in the yard and garden, which naturally have a lot of fun, the most important is quiet, you can let the busy heart to stop, take a restCar Rental in Hong Kong to serve you . Moment of cicadas, frogs, and did not feel the annoying, but considered rare sounds of nature. Indeed the case is rare, with the reduction in the number of back home, starry sky, insects and birds, golden fields everywhere, natural kind of nostalgia and sadness, this natural realm suddenly people forget the reinforced concrete jungle of the city, discard this helplessness and anxiety brought about by secular speech.

Perhaps the loneliness of the people of the night kind of hard to explain, Road unknown beloved. Like my character, in my opinion, black is understated luxury, what assertion night when most people are also invisible when touched. I have always believed, that night, in fact, gave us too much, at least to the things we lost in education called "Imagine". It is inclusive of the night, so that this world all have a resting place, the night could not see the high and low of the daytime identity, welfare bustling city high-rise buildings, dilapidated and impoverished rural scene in the night without contrast come naturally fair. However, the basest dawn always so comes to ...g-suite cardinal

I think most people are lonely, in order to further their studies, work and life, we always want to get rid of this so-called successful books inside always called on everyone to make friends, expand interpersonal. But this utilitarian consequences is eager to find a to another lonely people. Tend to be always the case, the Road was really lonely. For me, I enjoy the hard-won lonely, happy and quiet enjoying worldly escape briefly. So as to allow the heart to slow down, to think about what we want to do not stop the run, in response to the so-called "Declaration called.

I would like to seize the youth lonely little tail, to enjoy, such as my lonely person happy, pain, anxiety or numb. Because, wait until the thirties, worked hard to make a living beyond one's control.

Enjoying this, let the the psychosomatic happiness, the Haizi the saying: "lonely made me so beautiful." In my opinion, that's true NuHart.

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