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scenery famous spot

iksog | 2011-10-12 09:58:21  
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National territory area in 13.1% Peking is a scenery famous spot
Peking is China six thou of dynasties all, the history source far flows long, inshore scenery famous spot resources abundant, there are soldiers in northern side all mountain,hong kong guide the west has the west the mountain, and river the north hands over the east of boundary to work properly mountain elevation 2303 meters are most Peking high peak ……the city park Be green to turn the number that the bureau provides to show:Up to currently, the whole city scenery famous spot area reaches to 27, the total area is 2200 square kilometers and take up 13.1% of national territory area in Peking.These scenery famous spot area around on the northeast of Peking, northwest, southwest, distribute in 10 area counties in Peking City, formed an ecosystem natural cover Ji in the escort city.

Speak of scenery famous spot area, have some persons probably not quite clear.We usually make reference to suburban area to travel and go to the view area sightseeing in the tourist spot, are all of these scenery famous spots?In fact and otherwise, the scenery famous spot means to have to appreciate, culture and science value, the natural scenery, humanities scenery is more concentrated, environment beautiful, can be provided as people to sight-see, rest or carry on science culture education activity,Landscape product have certain scale and the region of scope.

The scenery famous spot area isn't a point, but a district.For example say eight to reach Ling-13 Lings national point scenery famous spot areas have 286 square kilometers, its east go to flower and fruit mountain, south go to Long Shan, west go to pass ditch, north go to big Ling ditch, the containment has eight to reach Ling, 13 Lings and resides Yong to fold Cui and silver mountain tower wood and the ditch precipice, tiger Yu and Jiao Jiu Yu with 13 Ling reservoir etc.s are eight view areas.The main view area has eight to reach the Ling the Great Wall view area, 13 Ling view area, reside the Yong pass Great Wall view area etc..Eight reach Ling the Great Wall is Chinese the great wall of constitute part, is the essence of Ming Dynasty the Great Wall, towering enemy building and wind around to rise and fall such as the Ultrasaurus loiter city tower between mountains and well display its male insurance of special feature;Clear 13 Lingses are that the existing China systems are the most complete, the greatest scale and all keep one of better emperor emperor's mausoleum buildings on underground building of ground, is the generic name that the Ming Dynasty moves capital Peking after 13 emperor's mausoleumses;Reside a Yong pass,led lighting manufacturersthe Great Wall is located on the northwest of Peking about 50 kilometers, is the great wall long to take the pass of great reputation of Ai.The development of scenery famous spot area extends to outward open towards supporting ecoenvironment, national territory appearance and natural cultural inheritance resources, development region economy, and constuct socialism material civilization and spiritual civilization, the demand of material cultural life satisfy the masses of the people to increase day by day, have very important meaning.

There is more than 3000 years of history in Peking, is an enjoy high prestige world of history cultural city.On the land of 16,800 square kilometers, the mountain and stream is pretty, culture is brilliant, the scenery famous spot resources type is diverse.Have with all flowers mountain, cloud receive mountain for representative of sacred mountain type scenery resources, with the stone spends hole, the east of city to greatly dissolve hole for dissolving of representative hole type scenery resources, there is also the scenery resources of various typeses, such as forest, lake, pond and Pu...etc., have more with eight reach Ling the Great Wall and 13 Lingses for representative of type famous spot resources in famous spots and historical remains.About 30 in the last yearses, scenery famous spot area business in Peking City developed very greatly.In 1982, eight reach Ling-13 Ling scenery famous spot areas is approved officially announcement by State Department for the head criticize a nation point one of the scenery famous spot areas;In 2000, the city hall approved officially to grant 8 first city class scenery famous spot areas, among them, the stone spend the hole scenery famous spot area in 2002 again is approved officially announcement by State Department is the fourth national point one of the scenery famous spot areas.At the same time, area(county) people's governments, such as building mountain and airtight cloud...etc. also approved officially to grant 17 area(county) class scenery famous spots one after another area.The initial establishment has to take 2 national point scenery famous spot areas as group leader, with 8 the place City class scenery famous spot area for framework, take 17 areas(county) class scenery famous spot area as basal scenery famous spot system.

This 27 scenery famous spot area total areas are 2200 square kilometers and take up 13.1% of national territory area in Peking City, is a count for much ecosystem natural cover of Peking City to constitute part.This part of resourceses big part distributes in the periphery of city in Peking, the protection likes these resourceses, is uncommon towards supporting a good capital city, especially the ecoenvironment meaning of city area.Cable Manufacturer The east works properly the mountain-all flowers mountain scenery famous spot niche at the head ditch area clear water in door town magistracy inside, the total area is about 300 square kilometers, is elevation the tallest scenery in Peking famous spot area.The main view has east to work properly mountain most the high peak volcanic rocks raze noodles grass Dian and the Dragon gate brook Ka Si especially canyon Feng cluster, small Dragon gate limestone forest vegetation and the all flowers mountain volcanic rocks raze noodles grass Dian.These view geography is unusual, vegetation bushiness, numerous rivulet, mountain Gao Qi Shuang, it make numerous visitors linger on, forgetting to return.But Be located on to postpone Long Qing Xia-Sungshan who celebrate the county mountain area in the northwest-the ancient precipice reside scenery famous spot area and include a Long Qing Xia, Sungshan, ancient precipice to reside, jade all the mountain is four view areas, the total area is 248 square kilometers.The view vegetation inside the area is thick, the view layer is wrong to fall, the biomass enriches diverse, the natural environment delightfully fresh grace, have very high ecosystem value and view value.The Sungshan view area in which is a national nature reserve area.The peak"ocean Tuo" is 2199 meters, is second highest Feng in Peking City, due south face government agencies lake.Sungshan at this Feng of one lake, constitute to°from marvellous mountain, water, stone and wood the 100 Pu spring, loose month pond and male lion drinkings and gold Chan hopes etc. of month more than 30 tourist spots and be rated as an unique BE, the great universe nature's work accomplishes to all have tinkling spring run off inside the each mountain ditch in Sungshan, since moistenned the oil in the mountain to loosen a white birch, and then increased a special feature for the tourist spot in the wood.Sungshan moves a plant resources to enrich, vegetation is thick.There is vertebrates 180 variety, the Wei controls a plant 700 remainings grow.Since is the ideal place of science investigation, teaching practice, and then is the divine spot that the tour spends a holiday, goes to summer resorts to recuperate, write poem to make a painting and grasps great universe wit and humour.

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