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safe consciousness

iksog | 2011-10-18 09:32:31  
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Shallow talk to raise safe consciousness
At present, we at enhance a safety management, carry out a safe responsibility, guarantee artesian well the production continuously lift soon various works in, already form a little bit completely and meticulous of management norm and operation regulations, but at start construction the spot practice in, also exist in great quantities illegal, safety concealed suffer from safe trouble occurrence even, it main reason, operate safe consciousness on the scene not strong.

Speak of a construction safety, the actually the most basic is to should grasp to raise safe consciousness vital link and strengthen the employee's safe consciousness,Safety surface make each employee real to keep firmly in mind the thought of "the safety is for the sky" and chase the safe principle of "safety first, the environmental protection has the initiative and makes people the center" as all the starting points of the works and stop for a rest a point, real realize "safety is politics, the safety is a people's livelihood", let each employee from performance system beginning, accepted safe training education, formed behavior norm, gradually rose from the sensitive faculty reasonableness, again rose to°from the reasonableness to pass consciousness of could move sex to guide a construction safety work, attaining can be on the spot under construction in time foresee concealed suffer from, get rid of concealed suffer from, attain the purpose of safe production.

A, safe consciousness is in the importance in the safety

Safe production is the business enterprise exists to develop process in of the topic is the officers and workers' guarantee of mind and body health, safety and efficiency.Along with the development of the social progress and the economy, the safe problem is just and more and morely subjected to the whole concern with social and value, "safety is sky" is a group company leadership to large officers and workers the basic request of the life safety respect and care.Stadium seatingIs our artesian well construction profession, the safety is an image, the safety is a development, the safety is demand, the safety is efficiency and make a very safe producing and promise the large employee's life and property safety, is the premise and guarantee that carrying out our business enterprise economy can keep on a development, is exaltation and improvement officers and workers home life quality, promote harmonious stabilize the foundation of development.We know each other from several years of the spot the fulfillment, make good safety work, initial premise and task, be want to be continuous of exaltation grass-roots manager and operation employee of the safety guard against consciousness.

Consciousness is the function of person's brain, is to the reflection of objective reality, the existence of consciousness will develop progress to have to hugely promote to the thing or baffling function.The safety manages a work and then have to be carried on with the policy of"prevention for lord, prevention for up", namely before the trouble takes place, need to be discovered in time, and adopt solution measure and carry on to effectively guard against or stop, can not sit the occurrence of waiting the trouble, again consider the case as it stands of carry on understanding, education.

Is also say, for the sake of realization safety, want safe consciousness that raise construction manager and engineering worker first, would have their safe behavior;The safe behavior with them then can promise that the safety of engineering construction carries on.Raise safe consciousness among the safe management, make manager and operation the personnel all have to start construction safety of aware of self can move sex, become is importance.As the proverb says:Have no rules to have no to become a square circle."Six anti- illegal restriction orders"s that the group company promulgates are "rules" that promises safe production, having rules will strictly carry out, implementation"six restriction orders"s not ability shout on the mouth and write on the paper and even want to let employee into the brain go into heart, the implementation is in the activity.Carrying out "restriction order" not only wants to depend compulsorily, but also want from thought consciousness development to start to do, permeate"restriction order" to each detail of employee daily pursuit life, make the performance"restriction order" become the employee's self-conscious activity and habitHTPC Keyboards, while being to"become natural""six restriction orders" ability real fall solid place.

Two, influence employee the factor of safe consciousness is in the production

Influence employee safe consciousness is in the production of the factor mainly have mental character and thought character, business character and safety to manage character.The mental character is the reflection of the employee to a kind of mental appearance of safe production.After accepting a work, the person of mental character Gao, usually need to start oneself's thinking operation, whole processes unite to want to work, consider more.Such as work how efficiently go to and complete, attain how of effect, work whether safety can attain to promise etc..After more overall consideration after, will form the work way of thinking of one whole set, then carry out.Thus, in the process of working in can attain to organize careful and attentive, orderly and well arranged have a preface, quality and safety of work will get assurance.But mental character low person, usually express a work to don't completely consider, your arrangement what do what, attain completion task is purpose.The person of this kind of mental appearance, the work is by all means passive, the work prepares insufficiency and even work process in will exist so loophole like that.End result is work the quality didn't promise, work standard low, work organization confusion, work safety bad, the work may also leave after completing safety concealed suffer from;Thoughting the character is an employee to work responsibility of concentration embodiment, reflect an employee's value to the safe production degree, have to the function of pass importance in the whole processeses of safe production.

Now, majority of employees have enough value to the safe production and have full understanding to the bane of insecurity and is engaged in each work, can every moment keep firmly in mind safe production, can aware of self observance regulation system and aware of self to carry out perfect and safe measure.But some employees, exist on the work by luck mental, usually think in the work do so so of the measure is too troublesome, the safe procedure of nonperformance necessity, relaxed a vigilance from the thought, work in appear illegal, as time passes unavoidably will appear Human body injury, well under the trouble, equipments damage of problem;The business character is an employee to the work that they are engaged in, can with accuracy control its safe request, technique request completely, can be competent own work.The employee's business character comes to a decision the safety of work process.The business character isn't high, the knowledge doesn't completely control, may appear various contingency that breach regulations very much illegal and work standard high problem, and once tooking place endanger very big, Human body safety will be subjected to threat, equipments of safe circulate can not get a guarantee.

The safe management is the management of a whole processes, if doesn't is strict of the management make each work in the production line, each link done thinly, made it actually and done according to the rules have results to show an effect, not ability effective control equipments and the safety of Human body, the employee thought and then will be slacken, the employee's safe consciousness can not raise.This is the safety management character.Practical in the middle of physically acting put"safety first" at first, definitely clarify "safety first, the quality second, progress the third", can attain "do not promise safety not opening, doesn't understand that the definitely safe problem doesn't pass", regard as the engineering under construction first-class important event to the safe problem to grasp.

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