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Среда 8 мая 2013
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puseunr | 2013-05-08 10:26:10

Mother's Day is a few months? Mother's Day gifts? Every year on the second Sunday of May is mother's day, Sunday May 12, 2013 is mother's day this year. The widespread acceptance of mother's day by a man named Jarvis the United States women's advocacy, by her daughter Anna Jarvis was launched. Now, it and......
Mother's Day is a few months? Mother's Day gifts?
Every year on the second Sunday of May is mother's day, Sunday May 12, 2013 is mother's day this year hk hong kong gifts & premium.
The widespread acceptance of mother's day by a man named Jarvis the United States women's advocacy, by her daughter Anna Jarvis was launched. Now, it's like Christmas, has become a stimulus spending holiday, many people choose in this dining out, greeting cards, flowers, gifts also became the best-selling goods hk executive gift.
In 1907, Anna persuaded her mother's church, on the two anniversary of mother's death -- May 9th (when this day is the second Sunday in May) to celebrate Mother's day. In 1914 the United States announced that President Wilson, the year the second Sunday in May as mother's day. Because Mrs Jarvis was love carnation, the flowers become a symbol of mother's day.
Mother's Day is people of all countries to support its. In fact, many countries in the world have the habit of celebrating mother's day, but not on the same day celebration. The United States, Canada and other dozens of countries choose to celebrate Mother's day on the second Sunday in May; Britain and Ireland's mother's Day is on the fourth Sunday of Lent (the year March 22nd); Panama, Indonesia and other countries are delayed to December each year to celebrate Mother's day in many countries; Arabia area will be mother's day in "the vernal equinox" that day, local people think "the vernal equinox" is beginning from spring, the beginning of the year, as the great mother said.
Mother's Day gifts?
1, give the mother a bouquet of carnations.
2, personally for the mother wash the back foot hk premium gifts.
3, with mother together drink a morning tea.
4, in order to buy his mother a mother's Day theme DIY.
5, give the mother a long-standing favorite bag.
6, give the mother a set of practical health care products.
7, take her out to play. Sent her home.
8, by the summer, to add some seasonal clothes for mother hk premium gifts.
9, for the mother to do a sumptuous feast.

Пятница 15 марта 2013
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puseunr | 2013-03-15 11:32:13

The South Pacific island nation of Palau President Remengesau proposed a total ban on Palau in commercial fishing, to form a large marine protected areas in the local.
Remengesau said, the annual foreign fishing vessels use Palau waters must pay a fee to the Palau, but the income is not worth mentioning. He thinks the state should be the focus of tourism as income-generating projects. According to the Statistics Department of natural resources, the country's annual income of only $5000000 of fisheries.
Raymond Jaso says, Palau is committed to become the leading marine protected areas, strive to build the world's largest marine reserve. It is reported, the country in 2009 established the first global banned shark fishing zone.
The Republic of Palau consists of 300 islands, a population of about 21000 people. The exclusive economic zone of the country ( EEZ ) accounted for about 63000 square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean, including the world famous diving tourism area.

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puseunr | 2013-03-15 11:28:52

The White House has automatic spending cuts because funds is insufficient, and the abolition of people visit the United States of America, President Obama said in an interview recently hope can open the white house door, let the students to enter the White House for a visit. And who ordered the cancellation of their White House visit, there are many different versions.
The White House to cancel the visit, to the Republican congressman caught criticism opportunity. Republican members of Congress said, although the government to promote the automatic cuts, the White House should be open to the public, especially there are many people want to visit the White House during spring break from school.
Obama in the American Broadcasting Company ( ABC ) to access the 13 broadcast said, in the budget, the secret service decided to cancel the tour of the White House, the secret service said, budget cuts forced the secret service employees to take unpaid leave. Obama said: " this is not the White House decision. "
But Obama's explanation seems to be that conflict and house speaker Carney. Carney said last week, including options to secret service was proposed by the White House, to cancel the visit, or forced to leave. The White House decided to cancel the visit, so the secret service to focus on its core mission.
Carney 13 is required to clarify these confusion. Said Carney, the White House agreed to an evaluation of the service : cancel the tour is the most does not have the negative effect options. Carney said: " because the implementation of the budget deficit reduction, the secret service to their decisions told us that, in their human, unable to visit the White House dispatched manpower support activities. "
Obama told ABC, he will discuss with the secret service, is there a way to change the policy. He said: " I ask them, is there a way in student groups to visit, to cooperate. We will continue to allow their children to visit the White House? " Carney said, in that some groups to visit the White House officials to discuss the occasion, fully reopen the White House is unlikely. He said: " we have no choice, because the deficit reduction of the service as a result of human austerity budget. "
On the other hand, the White House Budget Office 480 employees last week received the unpaid fake notice, must be in the April 21st to September 7 during the day, take 10 days of unpaid leave.

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